Martin Webb Learning Center

NJ Brockman School of Religion

Martin Webb Learning Center
107 Fleming Street
Greenville, South Carolina
Phone: 864 271-7575
Email: [email protected]

June 13, 2023

The NJ Brockman School of Theology will begin taking applications for the 2023 Fall Semester beginning June 1, 2023. Classes will be held at The Martin Webb Baptist Learning Center, Inc. on 107 Fleming Street, Greenville, SC 29607. Classes will be in-person unless there is an emergency.

Open registration begins on July 1, 2023
Classes will begin on September 22, 2023 offering morning and evening classes.

The classes that will be offered are:

Degree Program (Morning Only)

Systematic Theology
Introduction to Christian Counseling

Diploma Program

Church Administration (mornings& evening)
Pastoral Ministries (mornings)
Christian Ethics (mornings)
The Miracles of Jesus (morning & evenings)

The program of study enables persons of all levels of training and expertise to expand their insight and perspective in biblical studies and/or ministry.

For schedule and fee information please call the center at 864-271-7575, visit the center at the address listed above or visit our website at

Registrar, Arlene Meadows